Effective pressure filters with integrated uvc clarifier;
Rinsing with discharge into channel like waterfall or watercourse, can be operated even if the filter is buried in the ground;
Polluted water is pumped into a sealed, closed system, during which a working pressure of 3m water head can build up;
The newest design make the filtrate area one time than before;
Can improve filtrate effect in highest degree and extend the maintain period
Model CPF-180 CPF-250 CPF-280 CPF-380 CPF-500
Dimension in mm (LxWxH) 380x380x400 380x380x510 380x380x420 380x380x530 380x380x740
Max flow-through(L/h) 9000 10000 9000 10000 10000
Outlet/inlet hose adapter ¾"~1½" ¾"~1½" ¾"~1½" ¾"~1½" ¾"~1½"
Strainer surface 8m² 12m² 12m² 20m² 40m²
Suitable for ponds with fish 3m³ 5m³ 4m³ 6m³ 10m³
Suitable for decorative ponds 6m³ 10m³ 8m³ 12m³ 30m³
Power of UV-C 11W 11W 11W 11W 11W/18W(18W FOR OPTION)
Filter volume in litres 8L 12L 8L 12L 20L
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