Products of this series are suitable for filtering garden pool and koi pool. Use correctly and the pool water   will be purified effectively;
Efficient purification-Ultraviolet sterilization before the filtration, purification more effective;
The filteration structure is very easy to clean, which is more conrenient to maihtenance;
If can be assembled with cuv-2 series, then to be a perfect filteration system;
BIO-FILTERS CBF-150 CBF-1100 CBF-350 CBF-350B CBF-350C
Dimension in mm (LxWxH) 540x515x460 950x540x460 540x402x400 860x540x400 1280x540x400
Max flow-through(L/h) 8000 12000 8000 12000 12000
Inlet hose adapter ¾"~1½" ¾"~1½" ¾"~1½" ¾"~1½" ¾"~1½"
Outlet 70/63mm 70/63mm 70mm 70mm 70mm
Suitable for ponds with fish 5m³ 25m³ 6m³ 30m³ 45m³
Suitable for decorative ponds 10m³ 50m³ 12m³ 60m³ 90m³
Connection to UV CUV-118 CUV-136 CUV-218/224 CUV-224/236 CUV-236
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